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Make Your Yard Come Alive

I'm glad you visited my website on landscaping. My name is Lucia Nash. I have a very busy and exciting garden. The feeder is always active with sparrows. We put a couple hummingbird feeders out and they visit us every summer. There are many types of birds that visit my yard. So many of my friends wonder why my yard is so busy with gorgeous animals, not the destructive kind, but the types that are just a pleasure to have around. The answer to that question is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, so I decided it was better to write blog posts on how to create a great yard.


How To Design A Patio Or Deck That Complements Your Home’s Exterior

26 March 2018
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It is important that the outdoor space your yard has looks like an oasis. Many people decide to employ deck services, while others prefer to decorate this space on their own. After all, everyone needs a lovely outdoor environment for their mind to clear and their bodies to breathe in fresh air. Working with a patio services company like Glacier Landscape is not a mistake, but there is always the option of designing the outside space on your own. Read More …

Landscape Yourself Or Go With A Professional?

20 March 2018
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If you want to make your yard look its best, then you may be at the point of deciding what exactly you want to do with it. If you feel you are able to, you can do all of the landscaping yourself. However, if you would rather leave it to the professionals, then a landscaper can come out and help you with all of your landscaping needs. This article will provide you with information on the benefits of doing the landscaping yourself and the benefits of going with a professional landscaper. Read More …

Tips For Applying Landscape Fertilizer For A Healthy Lawn

13 March 2018
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If you wonder why your yard is never as lush and green as your neighbor's, it might be that you're not using fertilizer correctly or at all. For grass and plants to be their healthiest and fend off weeds, insects, and diseases, they need the extra nutrients from fertilizer, namely phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. However, other nutrients are important too. These nutrients can be derived from natural, organic matter or from traditional fertilizer blends. Read More …

3 Ideas To Create Durable Low Maintenance Landscaping For Your Clients With Rocks And Water

14 February 2018
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If you want to give your clients landscaping that is more durable and low-maintenance, rocks and water features are great choices. All landscaping designs are going to require some upkeep, such as cleaning, and occasional repairs. With rock designs, you have the choice of many different colors, textures and designs to add to landscaping. Water features help give life to rocks and create a relaxing atmosphere. Here are some ideas that you will want to consider for low-maintenance landscaping with rocks and water features: Read More …

3 Tips For Keeping Your Lawn In Good Shape

17 January 2018
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You'll want to ensure you do all you can to have the best-looking yard in your area. This will require the right amount of time and effort but can allow your home and yard to look much attractive in the process. Being aware of top tips for caring for your lawn is sure to be helpful in making this dream a reality. Tip #1: Have the right tools Of course, it's necessary to have the tools and supplies to help get the job completed with ease. Read More …