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I'm glad you visited my website on landscaping. My name is Lucia Nash. I have a very busy and exciting garden. The feeder is always active with sparrows. We put a couple hummingbird feeders out and they visit us every summer. There are many types of birds that visit my yard. So many of my friends wonder why my yard is so busy with gorgeous animals, not the destructive kind, but the types that are just a pleasure to have around. The answer to that question is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, so I decided it was better to write blog posts on how to create a great yard.


4 Mowing Tips That Will Make Your Yard Stand Out

12 July 2017
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If you want your yard to stand out as the best yard on the block, you may need to make some changes to the way that you mow your yard. Here are a few tips that will steer you in the direction of a greener and healthier lawn. #1 Don't Cut Your Grass Too Short Make sure that you adjust the height of your lawn mower. For grass that is growing in the shade all the time, you are going to want to leave the grass a little longer. Read More …

Bacterial And Parasitic Infections Of Trees May Lead To Tree Removal Services

7 July 2017
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If you have trees on your property, you may think of them as beautiful. Many property owners do not take the time to ensure that their trees are cared for properly. Some of them do not realize that it is possible for a diseased or dead tree to look healthy on the exterior. This means that it is possible for them to have problems in the future such as fallen trees or limbs, which can damage property and injure people. Read More …

Use Decorative Rocks And A Variety Of Plants To Outline A Newly-Installed Pond

6 July 2017
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If you recently installed a new pond in your back yard and would like to use a mixture of decorative rocks and flowering plants to create a border around the water feature, complete the following project. Once you have finished the steps, place a picnic table or patio set nearby so that you can relax while enjoying the finishing touches that were added to the pond's exterior. Materials rake weed pulling tool garden tiller garden shovel measuring tape decorative rocks flowering plants water hose gravel pieces mulch picnic table patio set Rake The Ground And Remove Weeds And Grass Read More …

3 Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green And Healthy During The Hot, Dry Summer Months

5 July 2017
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As the dog days of summer approach, you may worry that the hot, dry weather will take its toll on your normally lush and fertile lawn. If so, use one or more of the following tips for keeping your lawn green and healthy during the summer months. Mow Your Grass in the Evening Although the growth of your lawn tends to slow down when the weather is hot and dry, you will still need to cut it every week to keep it from getting out of control. Read More …

Beyond Custodial Duties: Taking Care Of Your Office Plants While You’re Away

29 June 2017
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If you're like many employers, you've observed firsthand the way live plants and even small fish can improve the aesthetics of your working environment. From cleaning the air to providing some personality and a pleasant diversion from the often mundane reality of office life, these plants and fish can add a great deal of tangible and intangible value to your business. However, workplaces that close for holidays or that intermittently shut down production for weeks at a time can present problems for office plants, especially if your custodial staff won't (or can't) take responsibility for caring for these plants and animals. Read More …