Use Decorative Rocks And A Variety Of Plants To Outline A Newly-Installed Pond

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Use Decorative Rocks And A Variety Of Plants To Outline A Newly-Installed Pond

6 July 2017
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If you recently installed a new pond in your back yard and would like to use a mixture of decorative rocks and flowering plants to create a border around the water feature, complete the following project. Once you have finished the steps, place a picnic table or patio set nearby so that you can relax while enjoying the finishing touches that were added to the pond's exterior.


  • rake
  • weed pulling tool
  • garden tiller
  • garden shovel
  • measuring tape
  • decorative rocks
  • flowering plants
  • water hose
  • gravel pieces
  • mulch
  • picnic table
  • patio set

Rake The Ground And Remove Weeds And Grass

Use a rake to collect fallen debris from the property that is directly adjacent to the pond. Decide how wide you would like the border to be. Use a weed pulling to remove weeds from the area where the decorative border will be added. If there is grass growing in areas where you will be adding rocks and planting items, use a garden tiller to loosen the blades from the ground. Rake the weeds and grass into a pile and use a shovel to scoop up the yard materials and transport them to an area away from the pond. 

Create A Border With Rocks And Plants

Purchase decorative rocks and flowering plants from a landscaping company. Choose rocks that are various textures and shapes and flowering plants that are brightly-colored to provide the pond's outline with a captivating appearance. Spread the rocks out evenly around the pond before pressing the base of each rock firmly into the ground.

Use a shovel to create small holes in between the rocks. Place one of the plant's roots in a hole. Fill the hole with soil. Tamp down the surface of the soil with the back of a shovel. Plant the other flowering plants in the same manner. Water the plants before adding a thin layer of colorful gravel or mulch around the base of each new addition. 

Add A Seating Area

Place a picnic table or patio set on a flat portion of the ground that is next to the pond. Add a lantern next to the seating area so that you will be able to enjoy the water feature when it is dark outside.  While gazing at the water feature and its interesting border, sit back and relax or eat a meal with your family members. Maintain the border by watering the plants regularly.

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