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I'm glad you visited my website on landscaping. My name is Lucia Nash. I have a very busy and exciting garden. The feeder is always active with sparrows. We put a couple hummingbird feeders out and they visit us every summer. There are many types of birds that visit my yard. So many of my friends wonder why my yard is so busy with gorgeous animals, not the destructive kind, but the types that are just a pleasure to have around. The answer to that question is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, so I decided it was better to write blog posts on how to create a great yard.


3 Ways to Prepare for Water Well Drilling

28 September 2020
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Putting in a well requires some preparation, both before and on the day of drilling. The following are three steps you need to take to get ready. 1. Choosing a Location A location must be chosen before the drilling can even be scheduled. It's best to schedule the location determination survey a few weeks in advance of when you plan to drill. This gives you time so you can make any necessary property alterations and secure the necessary permits to put in the well. Read More …

Steps Of The Sod Installation Process

14 August 2020
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When a part or all of your lawn isn't living up to your hopes, you'll likely want to either reseed it or simply have all new sod installed. Sod installation is the quickest way to get the lawn of your dreams, and professional sod installation can mean that you don't have to do any of the hard lifting. Here are the basic steps of the sod installation process. 1. Preparing the ground Read More …

Learn About Retaining Walls

10 July 2020
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Retaining walls have become popular not only because they can achieve a necessary effect but also because they can be a great addition to landscaping. You can learn more about retaining walls, what they can be used for, and why you may want to have retaining walls on your property by reading the information here. Protection from moving soil One reason why some retaining walls are used is to keep the soil in place from a higher part of the property. Read More …

5 Signs You Need Help With Your Lawn Care

15 June 2020
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Owning a home requires a lot more work than just keeping your home in good condition and taking care of home maintenance. You also need to consider your lawn. If you don't take care of your lawn care, it will look bad and you may even have serious issues, like lack of grass growth. The longer you let your lawn maintenance needs go, the bigger the issue it will become to fix. Read More …

Thinking About Switching Up Your Landscape? 3 Things To Do

29 May 2020
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If your home's landscaping is lackluster or non-existent, you may want to consider new landscaping. There are a lot of reasons why landscaping is a great option. It can add value to your home, enhance your home's appearance, and even increase its security. If you are thinking about switching up your landscaping, there are a few things to keep in mind during this process. Here are three things that you should do if you are adding new landscaping. Read More …