Home Landscaping Tactics That Give The Appearance Of More Space

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Home Landscaping Tactics That Give The Appearance Of More Space

9 March 2023
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If you have a relatively small yard and you wish to make it look as if you have more land than you do in actuality, you have probably thought about ways to achieve this endeavor. There are several ways a home landscaping service aids in providing the illusion of a spacious piece of property.

Add A Few Retaining Walls

When someone looks at a parcel of land, their eyes will quickly view its entirety if it is completely flat. If you want to prolong the view, provide several levels of land to force the eyes to look up and down rather than just gaze in one direction. Retaining walls work well at providing your land with more than one layer, giving it the appearance of a spacious property. Hire a landscaping service to add walls made of brick, stone, or wood. Incorporate shrubbery or hues of color with flowering plants for an even more enhancing area to look at. Retaining walls break up the space, helping make your land feel less monotonous overall.

Avoid Adding Barriers To Your Perimeter

If your home has a solid fence in place, consider swapping it out for one you can see through instead. Bushes around the perimeter of your property restrict viewing to one set area. If you replace these with shorter, flowering plants that you can see over, your property will seem much bigger to those who see it. Keep perimeter foliage trimmed down to a short length 

Incorporate Unique Pieces To Your Landscape

Rather than sticking with just using foliage and plants to boost your landscape's appeal, add a few unique pieces to aid in making it interesting. Using the right items helps to give your land a larger look. Add a fountain or statue to the middle portion of your land and use it as a focal point. Add flowering plants, rock pathways, and a bench to the outer perimeter of your property. Face the seating area toward the center of your land so those utilizing it have a full view of the entirety of your property as they relax and enjoy the view. For those who enjoy wildlife, use a birdbath or pole birdfeeder as the centerpiece. A small fish pond or cascading waterfall over a rock formation is another way to capture the beauty of your land while aiding in providing a larger space simply because of its positioning.

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