5 Reasons To Install A French Drain

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5 Reasons To Install A French Drain

15 July 2022
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French drains are a residential drainage solution that is virtually invisible, as they are installed underground. You can have french drains put into your yard or they can be installed in the interior of your basement. If you have any of the following concerns, then installing french drains might be the answer.

1. Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Water leaking into your basement or standing water in the crawlspace is a major concern. Mold, rot, and foundation damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Water, condensation, and dampness are all signs that water in the soil around your home is leaking into the basement or crawlspace. French drains can route the water away from your home safely.

2. Uneven, Sinking Pavement

Too much moisture in the yard often leads to damaged paving around the house, such as on sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Water flow in the soil can lead to sinking pavement, which means it will appear uneven and perhaps even develop cracks. Problems are made worse because paved areas are typically graded downhill toward street storm drains, so it's easy for water to get under the paving. French drains installed along the edges of paving can solve the problem.

3. Roof Runoff Issues

Runoff of rainwater and snowmelt can end up right against your home's foundation instead of flowing away properly. Gutter systems can help, but not if the downspouts are dumping the runoff right up against the house. Instead, have the downspouts routed into an underground french drain system, which will carry away both the roof runoff and any excess water in the ground from the rain itself.

4. Foundation Crack Formation

Cracks in a foundation are never a good sign. All too often these cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure—the pressure of moisture in the soil pressing against the outer foundation walls. French drains can be installed around the perimeter of the foundation to prevent water from pressing against the foundation. This will save you on expensive foundation repairs without damaging the landscaping.

5. Soggy Lawn Sinkholes

Wet, soggy low areas and sinking lawns from a high water table or lots of surface runoff can be a major issue. It can destroy the grass and damage landscape beds. Over time, soil erosion can become a major issue as well. Some carefully placed french drains can help route the excess water out of the lawn and to a suitable drain area.

Contact a french drain installation service to learn more.