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I'm glad you visited my website on landscaping. My name is Lucia Nash. I have a very busy and exciting garden. The feeder is always active with sparrows. We put a couple hummingbird feeders out and they visit us every summer. There are many types of birds that visit my yard. So many of my friends wonder why my yard is so busy with gorgeous animals, not the destructive kind, but the types that are just a pleasure to have around. The answer to that question is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, so I decided it was better to write blog posts on how to create a great yard.


Signs You Need Lawn Care Services

24 August 2021
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Just about every homeowner wants to have a gorgeous landscape they can be proud of. Taking care of your lawn is a good place to start if you need a beautiful landscape. If your yard is looking shabby, it will affect the entire landscape. Fortunately, most homeowners can do basic lawn care and achieve good results.  While you might get away with it a couple of times, you will have to call a professional lawn care company to assist you in keeping up a lovely yard. Read More …

5 Water Wise Landscaping Tips

27 July 2021
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With drought regions expanding year after year, creating a beautiful garden design requires that one consider water wise strategies.  1. Native Plants One of the best landscaping decisions you can make is to choose native plants for your area instead of more exotic ornamentals. Native plants have evolved to thrive in your local climate, which means they can often survive with little to no additional water. This is particularly true if you take the time to select the plants to match the microclimates in your yard, thus mimicking their natural environments as well as possible. Read More …

Protect Your Trees: Why You Should Hire A Tree Service During A Drought

23 June 2021
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If you're living under current drought restrictions, you might be focusing your attention on your lawn. Proper drought care is important for your lawns, but that's not the only area of your landscaping that needs help when water is scarce. If you have trees on your property, they need special care during the drought, as well. If you haven't hired a tree service yet, now's the time to do that. A tree service will help to keep your trees healthy and strong throughout the drought. Read More …

5 Mulching Tips For Success

26 May 2021
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If you want something that lowers your garden workload, looks nice, and keeps your plants healthy, consider mulching. 1. Clear First In most cases, it is best to clear the site of old turf and weeds before laying mulch. This prevents the old weeds from resprouting and growing up through your mulch layer. If you are concerned about weed seeds still in the soil, you can lay down a sheet of landscape fabric before mulching over the top. Read More …

Weed Control: Why It Matters

27 April 2021
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Whether you have a few dandelions or you have a problem with sticker weeds, hiring a weed control specialist might be just what you need. Weed control is important even if your weed problem isn't yet out of control. A weed is a plant that is not native to a certain area. Generally, weeks take over the necessary grass and shrubbery desired in a certain area. For example, a dandelion infestation can quickly take over a yard and make a property look like it's not well taken care of or impose on the beauty of a landscape overall. Read More …