Set Up A Decorative Drainage Ditch On Your Property

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Set Up A Decorative Drainage Ditch On Your Property

22 May 2023
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A drainage ditch will prevent heavy rainfall from flooding your garden. Use the following landscape suggestions to prepare a ditch and add decorative touches to it.

A Simple Drainage Solution

A drainage ditch does not require the use of extensive plumbing materials or complicated irrigation efforts. A drainage ditch is a basic drainage setup.

The property where the ditch will be located will need to be excavated. This will necessitate the use of a trenching shovel (drainage spade) or a power trencher. Either tool can be used to remove soil from the property where the trench will be situated. 

Ditch Materials

The addition of a drainage ditch will necessitate the use of materials. First, mark the property where the drainage ditch will be located. Then, measure the length and width of the marked area.

Ditch materials will improve drainage within the ditch. Shop for river rocks, landscape stones, or gravel that can be used to line the bottom of the ditch. These materials come in many sizes and colors. The addition of these materials will greatly improve the use value of the ditch and will add texture and color to your property.

French Drain Materials

Purchase French drain plumbing materials that can be installed within the ditch. These types of materials contain a perforated surface. Rainwater that enters the plumbing sections will be routed to a portion of your yard that is not located within close proximity to your home or any other structure that could become damaged from excess water coming into contact with it.

Pooling water that just sits could become stagnant. This could draw mosquitoes to your property. The French drain setup will continuously transport rainwater as it enters the ditch. The use of the drain system will prevent water from accumulating.

Accent Materials

Large rocks, foliage, and lighting can be used to accent the new ditch. These materials can be purchased from a landscape materials supplier.

Add large rocks along both sides of the ditch. Choose rocks that are interesting shapes and colors. Purchase some young plants and bushes that can be used to enhance the ditch. Transplant the plants and bushes along each side of the ditch.

Install lighting along any parts of the ditch that you would like to enhance. The addition of accent materials will highlight where the ditch is located. Besides adding appeal to your property, the accent materials will prevent anyone from falling into the ditch when it is dark outside.

Contact a professional for more information about yard drainage