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Ideas For Your New Pool

1 May 2023
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A custom pool on your property is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space and create a private oasis for relaxation and entertainment. When designing your custom pool, it is essential to consider various features that cater to the needs of all family members while maximizing functionality and aesthetics.

Idea: Add A Splash Pad For Young Children

A splash pad is an ideal addition to any custom pool that caters to young children or those who prefer shallow water activities. This play area features water jets, fountains, and sprinklers explicitly designed for safe water play in shallow depths. Installing a splash pad in your custom pool involves incorporating appropriate plumbing systems, adding non-slip surfaces, and selecting suitable water fixtures.

When designing a splash pad for kids, consider the children's age range and choose age-appropriate play elements like gentle fountains or interactive water games. The overall design should be visually appealing with vibrant colors or fun themes while ensuring safety with slip-resistant flooring materials.

Idea: Build A Sun Shelf For Relaxing

A sun shelf is an extended shallow ledge within the pool that allows swimmers to lounge while partially submerged in the water on comfortable recliners or chairs. This feature provides optimal relaxation areas while enjoying the refreshing feeling of being immersed in water without fully swimming.

Sun shelves can be customized in various shapes, such as rectangular or curved edges, depending on personal preference and available pool space. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sun shelf, consider adding built-in seating or underwater lighting for nighttime enjoyment.

Idea: Install An Outdoor Shower For Cleanliness

An outdoor shower is a practical addition to any custom pool area as it helps maintain cleanliness by allowing swimmers to rinse off before and after swimming. When selecting an outdoor shower, consider the available space and whether you want it freestanding or wall-mounted. Ensure that the chosen showerhead provides adequate water pressure and temperature control.

To keep your outdoor shower functioning optimally and looking its best, perform regular maintenance activities such as cleaning the fixtures with mild soap and water to prevent the buildup of minerals or algae. Additionally, inspect plumbing systems regularly to identify any potential leaks or damage that may occur over time due to weather exposure.

Idea: Create A Spa Area For Relaxation

Adding a spa area within your custom pool design offers a luxurious space for relaxation while also providing health benefits through hydrotherapy practices. Spas can be incorporated as standalone hot tubs adjacent to the pool or integrated spas built seamlessly into your pool's design with matching materials and finishes.

For help designing your pool, contact a pool contractor in your area.