Landscaping Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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Landscaping Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

27 January 2023
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Having good landscaping management practices can be important for preserving the appearance and condition of your property. Sadly, if you make some common mistakes when it comes to landscaping maintenance, there could be severe consequences that your yard might experience. 

Mistake: Ineffective Weed Mitigation Practices

Weed prevention and removal are an integral part of caring for your landscaping. Without an effective and proactive approach to weed mitigation, your yard could become overrun by these invasive plants. To mitigate the ability of weeds to create problems for your property, you should actively minimize the amount of bare soil that is present as these can be spaces where weeds will be able to take root. Additionally, your property should be thoroughly assessed for signs of new weed growth so that they can be removed quickly and thoroughly before they will be capable of spreading.

Mistake: Not Addressing Potential Erosion Issues

Erosion can be another common concern for landscaping maintenance. Failing to address potential erosion issues can lead to instances where much of the topsoil may be able to wash away, which could make the area far less suitable for growing plants. Often, a landscaping design will include erosion mitigation and runoff control features. Unfortunately, if the runoff control features, such as storm drains and gutters, become clogged, this may lead to widespread flooding of the property. Once this occurs, the property may suffer extensive erosion. As part of the maintenance practices for your property, you will want to make sure that you are including cleaning and inspecting these components. This will allow you to remove debris before it can lead to these problems occurring.

Mistake: Going Too Long Without Aerating The Soil

A common mistake when it comes to maintaining landscaping can underestimating the role that aerating the lawn will play. This can help to keep the soil loose so that the roots of the grass will be able to spread through it. Failing to aerate the soil can make it much harder for the root network of the lawn to develop, which can lead to you struggling to grow a lawn that is full. In fact, this may even lead to bare patches of soil developing. Luckily, aerating the soil is a simple process, and many lawnmowers will have attachments that can enable a homeowner to do this on their own. For best results, the aeration process should be done during the spring as this will give the roots the entire growing season to develop in loosened soil.

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