Planning Spring Landscaping? 2 Tips To Make It Beautiful

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Planning Spring Landscaping? 2 Tips To Make It Beautiful

16 December 2022
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If you are making plans for your landscaping this spring, there are many things you can do. This can become overwhelming, especially if you have a large yard. To help you, below are two tips so your landscaping will look beautiful when you are finished. 

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers is a good place to start when creating new landscaping. Flowers are easy to plant, and most are easy to care for. Before you choose flowers, consider first if you want annual, perennial, or both. Annual flowers are generally less expensive, and they are already in bloom, so they provide instant color. Because of this, consider purchasing both. Purchase perennials that bloom at different times throughout the spring and summer.  

Before you buy the flowers, you need to determine how much sun your yard receives. If your yard is sunny most of the day, then you have full sun. If you only have sun for half a day, then you have part sun. If your yard is cloudy much of the time, then you have low sun. 

Visit a garden center to purchase the flowers you want. If they do not have the variety you want, most garden centers will order the flowers for you and have them delivered to your home. 

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Another thing to consider is planting trees if you do not have many of them in your yard. Trees not only provide shade but can make your landscaping look beautiful. It does take trees years to grow to a full height, however. You can find them already half grown to plant to give them a good start. Consider the type of trees you want in your yard, such as oak, willow, dogwood, maple, etc. You need to plan where you want the trees placed as they are difficult to remove once they are planted and start to grow. 

Planting shrubs is something else you should consider. There are a variety of shrubs available. Some shrubs stay green much of the time, while other shrubs will flower at certain times of the year. Place shrubs in front of your home. Plant shrubs near your HVAC unit to keep the unit shaded. You can plant shrubs near sidewalks or pathways to provide more shade so there is less sun damage. 

Hire a landscaping contractor to help you design your spring landscaping. They will have many more tips, such as using hardscaping, installing landscape lighting, creating a rock garden, and more. 

Contact a landscaping service to learn more.