5 Hardscape Elements For A Great Outdoor Theater At Home

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5 Hardscape Elements For A Great Outdoor Theater At Home

10 October 2022
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More and more Americans are enjoying their entertainment at home rather than heading out to bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. If you like to host movie nights at home, one of the best investments you can make is a good outdoor theater setup. While much of the success of an outdoor movie theater is in its electronic elements, the setting will have a big impact. Here are a few things to include in yours. 

1. A Solid Cover

Get the most use out of your outdoor theater by installing overhead protection. How solid and what type to use depends on the weather in your area. If you get a lot of rain in the spring and fall or snow in the winter, you may want a solid roof structure similar to the roof material of the adjacent home. However, many outdoor theaters do well with flexible options like sail shades or a pergola with fabric overlay. 

2. Plenty of Space

Don't skimp on room to spread out. The ideal theater is one that can expand or contract depending on the group. So leave extra room beyond just some chairs or an outdoor sofa. Remember that people will need to move around safely in the dark and that they like to stretch out and be cozy. Arrange for extra space around the main seating area so you can expand if needed. 

3. Refreshment Stations

Provide a station for snacks and beverages. If you tend to host movie nights with adults as well as kids, you may even want to install an actual bar. Or have fun with things like a popcorn maker, cold beverage station, or even a full barbeque. Whatever you choose to serve, make sure that guests don't walk in front of the screen to come and go. 

4. A Good Base

The best outdoor entertainment area starts with solid ground. The better you prepare the soil, install the correct grading, and use quality hardscape materials, the more enjoyable and safe your cinema will be. Most homeowners opt for hard floorings like concrete, wood decking, or tile. But you can also go more casual with a good base of soft mulch or even grass. 

5. Lighting Control

Finally, do as much as you can to control the lighting in your makeshift cinema. For example, if you hang blackout curtains from a pergola frame, you can close them in order to facilitate movie or gaming use earlier in the day. You might also consider things like additional barriers on the side where the sun sets, using the house as a blockage, and adding artificial lighting choices. 

Where to Learn More

Ready to start preparing your outdoor theater setup? Begin by meeting with an experienced residential hardscape installation professional today. With their help and your vision, you'll soon be enjoying movie nights all year round. 

Reach out to a company like Precision Hardscapes & Excavating LLC to learn more.