4 Ways To Add More Color To Your Landscape

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4 Ways To Add More Color To Your Landscape

23 June 2022
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It may only take a quick look at your landscape to see that it lacks color. While some homeowners may feel comfortable with a front yard and backyard lacking in color, you might want to bring out bright and vibrant colors throughout the space. Fortunately, you can come up with several projects to work on and hire landscapers to handle the work for optimal results.


An easy way to bring color to your landscape is through flowers. The great thing about flowers is that you can get them from various plants. An excellent place to start is with flowers that you plant directly into the soil in an open area or in a mulch bed. These flowers will often give you vibrant colors close to the ground, so you may want to work on the upper levels afterward.

Bushes and shrubs that produce flowers can give you color in your landscape's mid-range. Then, you can grow flowering trees to enjoy vibrant colors overhead. Ideally, you want to choose a combination of bushes, flowers, shrubs, and trees that produce flowers in different months. This will ensure you always have flowers blooming regardless of the month or season.


Adding mulch beds throughout your landscape can reliably bring color. You can prioritize colored mulch, which you will find in some rubber pellets, rocks, and pebbles. Tell landscapers what colors you are most interested in, and they will find the appropriate mulch.


Using colored rocks is a viable option for mulch. But you can also use rocks and boulders throughout the rest of your landscape. An excellent example is adding several large boulders to your yard because they are low upkeep and will boost visual interest in the property.

Finding red rocks is easy because some rocks are naturally red. When you want specific colors, such as green, purple, or blue, you will likely find that dyed rubber is the greatest option.


Brick is another material that professionals can incorporate to add color. For instance, you can build a retaining wall or create a seating area with brick. When you want or need more paving throughout the backyard, opt for brick paving that brings color to the ground.

Looking at different bricks, you may find that their red tint varies. Fortunately, you can ask landscapers to prioritize the ones with the deepest red to maximize vibrancy in your yard.

Add color to your landscape by hiring professionals to work on these projects. 

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