3 Money-Saving Lawn Care Hacks

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3 Money-Saving Lawn Care Hacks

1 March 2022
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Lawn care can be a costly venture. In fact, Americans spend a colossal $40 billion on landscaping each year due to the costs involved, like fertilizer and lawn care services. And as the cost of living soars, any way to save a buck is pretty much welcome. Thankfully, you can create a healthy and lush lawn without breaking the bank. 

Check out three practical ways you can save money on lawn care. 

Create a Compost Bin

You save both money and the environment when you create a compost bin. Composting ensures that less waste ends up in the landfills and eliminates the need to use chemicals on your lawn.

All you need are some cheap materials to make several bins where you can dump your vegetable scraps. Then, mix the vegetable scraps with grass clippings, old leaves, and cardboard to make compost. Other items you can include in the compost bin are:

  • Eggshells
  • Newspapers
  • Coffee grounds

Put some little water in the compost and stir it for several days.  After a few weeks, you will have rich compost that you can use on your lawn as fertilizer. 

Eliminate Weeds Using Boiling Water

Weed killers can be costly. Luckily, some safe, ingenious ways are available to eliminate the weeds. For instance, you can pour boiling water on the areas concentrated with weeds, and they will wither away in no time.

Boiling water doesn't hurt the soil, and you will see a significant reduction of weeds on your lawn. Only use boiling water because cold or lukewarm water will only promote weed growth and not hinder it. If boiling water fails, try a mixture of white vinegar, table salt, and some dishwashing detergent. Then, spray the mixture onto the weeds or an area they previously grew.

Lower the Watering Frequency

However much you cherish your lawn, don't overwater it as you might expose your lawn to risks of diseases, like the gray leaf spot. Worse still, overwatering inflates your water bill. Your lawn only requires that you water it a few times every week.

Excess water breaks apart your plants' roots, which hinders them from growing further into the ground. Even worse, overwatered roots can't absorb oxygen properly.

To manage your water effectively, invest in a drip system. Drip systems are cheap and easy to install. Drip irrigation systems don't use as much water as sprinklers, so less water goes to waste, which ultimately saves you money. 

You can implement these money-saving tips to create a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. If your yard is in a bad shape and needs a professional touch, contact your landscaping and maintenance service for expert lawn care strategies.