Tips To Keep Your Landscaping Sprinklers In Good Repair

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Tips To Keep Your Landscaping Sprinklers In Good Repair

21 January 2021
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Your lawn sprinklers provide your landscaping with all the water it needs to stay healthy and attractive. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your sprinklers working well with the right types of repairs and upkeep.

Test and Inspect Regularly

You should make it a habit to check your sprinkler system regularly to find out you need to make any repairs to the system. If your sprinklers are set to run in the middle of the night, you should switch them on once a week to check for problems. However, if you notice any excessively wet areas in your lawn in the morning after the sprinklers have run, this is a sign you need to take a closer look at the system.

After you switch on the sprinklers, watch for any water bubbling up from the ground around where the sprinkler lines run through the soil and also look for any sprinklers that are not spraying up with the full water pressure. These are signs there is a break in the sprinkler line, and you should repair the pipe. You can hire a landscape professional to make the repair or complete it yourself. A broken sprinkler head is pretty obvious and will spray water improperly, indicating it needs a replacement.

Repair Systems

Once you have determined what type of damage has happened to the sprinkler system, you can excavate the area to access the line or the head. If your sprinkler head is broken, excavate the area down to the connection point, removing soil from all around the area so you can easily work to remove the old head and replace it with a new one.

Be sure you replace the damaged sprinkler head with one of the same type and brand to help regular the flow of your irrigation system. If, for example, you repair a head and replace it with a new sprinkler from a different manufacturer, there is a chance the flow will be different and your sprinkler line pressure can be affected.

When you need to replace one of the sprinkler valves in the valve box of the system, it is a good idea to check all the valves. With age, the rubber seals within the valves will wear out and allow water to trickle through your system continually, wasting water. When one valve has failed and needs repair, you should replace all of them to keep them in good condition. Otherwise, you will likely need to replace the others over the next few months after your water bill has begun to increase for no reason.

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