How To Disguise Your Exterior Air Conditioning Unit

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How To Disguise Your Exterior Air Conditioning Unit

28 December 2020
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The air conditioning unit that sits outside of your home is responsible for keeping you and your home comfortable and cool on some of the hottest days throughout the year. However, these units are large, bulky, and simply unattractive. When you are trying to win the best-looking yard in the neighborhood award, your AC unit can really put a dent in things. So, if you are looking for ways to disguise the AC unit while also adding a bit of visual appeal to the landscape, keep reading for some ideas.


One natural way to get your unattractive AC unit out of sight is to use greenery. Some small trees or shrubs can be planted around the unit. This will do two different things for you. One, it will offer some additional eye-appealing landscaping to your yard. Two, it will provide natural shade for the AC unit, which will keep it from having to work so hard when the sun beats down on it. If you go for this option, make sure that you keep the plants trimmed regularly and leave a couple of feet between the plants and the unit so that it can breathe and for repairs and maintenance.


Another great idea to disguise your exterior air conditioning unit is to install some decorative fencing around it. Again, you will need to leave a couple of feet around the unit so that air can circulate through it. You may also want to ensure that one side has a gate so that it can be easily accessed for maintenance and repairs. Alternatively, you could leave one side completely open with no fencing.


If you don't like the options for greenery or fencing, you could always add a structure over the AC unit that complements your home. Generally, homeowners will consider something that appears like an outdoor closet that is equipped with a removable top. Again, make sure that air is able to get in and out of the area with the AC unit so that airflow is not obstructed, as this can and will result in operating issues. Therefore, if you choose this option, you will want to leave one side open.

All it takes is a little creativity to disguise your exterior AC unit so that it is no longer an eyesore in your yard. For more information on how to properly do this without hindering the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, contact a landscaping service in your area.