Three Looks To Consider For Raised Garden Beds

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Three Looks To Consider For Raised Garden Beds

13 November 2020
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One of the many projects that a residential landscaper can work on in your backyard is the construction of a series of raised garden beds. In addition to offering a high degree of visual appeal, raised garden beds provide some functional benefits. For someone who is elderly, it's easier to bend over to work in a raised bed than to work in a garden that sits directly in the ground. Additionally, if you have a dog, a raised bed will keep the pet from digging in the garden and potentially destroying some plants. There are many different looks that you can consider for a raised garden bed, including these options.

Brick Or Stone

A popular choice for many homeowners is a raised garden bed that has brick or stone sides. The benefits of this design are both functional and visual. In terms of function, the durability of brick and stone means that the raised garden bed will retain its structural integrity for a long time. Generally, there will be little to no maintenance that is required, either. Visually, your landscaper may be able to choose bricks or stones that are a close match to the exterior walls of your home. This can result in a stylish, thought-out look.


Many people favor wooden sides for their raised garden beds. Your landscaper can suggest several different types of woods that work well in this application. Cedar is a popular choice because of its affordability and availability, but you may have another preference. If you have a wooden fence around your yard, one option is to choose wood for your raised garden beds that matches the fence. Another possibility is to match the wood to your deck. Regardless of your preferences, your landscaper can construct wooden beds that meet your length, width, and height specifications.

Corrugated Steel

If you want to go in a completely different direction, corrugated steel can be a choice to consider. This material provides a rustic design for a raised garden bed, and while it may not exactly match other elements in your yard, it can certainly be a good visual complement. It's possible for your landscaping professional to incorporate other materials into the design. For example, they might suggest a wooden post at each corner or wood trim across the top. Don't hesitate to discuss raised garden beds extensively with your landscaper and even ask them to show you photos of other beds that they've created for former customers.

Reach out to a residential landscape design professional to get started on your plan.