Commercial Landscape Services To Help Improve Your Business Appearance

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Commercial Landscape Services To Help Improve Your Business Appearance

8 October 2020
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The appearance of your commercial landscaping has a big impact on customer and client perception of your business. As a business owner or the owner of a commercial property, you need to take care of your commercial property landscaping just as you would the workings of your actual business. Here are some services you can get from a professional commercial landscaping company.

Regular Lawn Mowing

As one of the most important parts of your landscaping areas, the lawn that grows within your property has a big impact on the appearance of your commercial area. A lawn that is brown, shaggy, sparse, or full of weeds does not denote a professional-looking property. However, with a professional landscaper, they can keep an eye on your lawn to give it the best service treatment.

Your lawn is going to grow continually during the warmer summer months, requiring a scheduled weekly mow, which can be supplemented with an additional trim during the week if it is needed. Applying a fertilizer in the summer can promote heavier growth, and you don't want to let your lawn get out of control in its length. A longer length on your lawn is healthier, but it is best to keep it trimmed frequently enough that you don't remove more than one-third of the lawn's length in any one mowing session. Too much length cut off of your lawn at one time can stress your lawn out and will make it look and be unhealthy. 

With a longer, maintained lawn, you actually make your lawn look better and also help crowd out weeds and invasive grasses, such as crabgrass. Then, the longer length shades the roots more effectively to keep the soil moist longer after your lawn has been irrigated.

Pest Prevention and Treatment

Another area of concern with your landscaping is the occurrence of any pests and insects that can damage your landscaping areas. Your professional landscaper can treat any grasshopper or ant infestation in your lawn in addition to other problems. 

For example, grub worms in the summer months can take over areas of your lawn, eating at the roots of your lawn and leaving your lawn blades dead as a result. These harmful bugs can be controlled and eliminated easily with a professional lawn pesticide. And the sooner your professional landscape company recognizes the problem and treats it, the less damage you will experience in your lawn and the faster you can repair the damage to the growth.