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Learn About Retaining Walls

10 July 2020
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Retaining walls have become popular not only because they can achieve a necessary effect but also because they can be a great addition to landscaping. You can learn more about retaining walls, what they can be used for, and why you may want to have retaining walls on your property by reading the information here.

Protection from moving soil

One reason why some retaining walls are used is to keep the soil in place from a higher part of the property. When it rains, there can be the chance of a lot of the soil falling and ending up ruining landscaped parts of the yard. Or, in some cases, the retaining walls are used to prevent such a large amount of soil from causing damage to the home below it. Sometimes the amount of soil that can come down could even be capable of causing extensive damage to the home. So, retaining walls are used to make sure the ground below the home and any other structures is safer. 

A decorative wall built into the landscape

Some people like the idea of having something much nicer to look at than just a fence or a wall in their yard. Some of these people opt to have a retention wall built into their yard. The wall allows them to not only protect the higher areas of the yard but also utilize them to create one level of retention wall or even several that make the yard more interesting. There can be special features built into the retention wall. For example, someone may want to have three retention walls, each getting shorter as they approach the middle area of the yard. Each may also have built-in flower pots, steps, and other built-in features that can help enhance the overall look of the yard.

Keep dirt out of the pool

Some people want a creative way to prevent the dirt from their yard from ending up in their pool, and they want a nice backdrop to enjoy when they are out by the pool as well. A retention wall will contain the dirt so not nearly as much of it ends up in the pool, especially when it's very rainy or when harsh winds blow through the region. The retaining wall can be as short or as high as what is needed to do the job well.

For more information about retaining walls, contact a landscaping service.