Tranform Your Yard Into A Private Oasis With These Three Evergreen Hedges

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Tranform Your Yard Into A Private Oasis With These Three Evergreen Hedges

8 October 2019
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If you're like many first-time homeowners, you're probably thrilled at the thought of finally being able to leave apartment life behind. You're undoubtedly looking forward to not having to share a wall with neighbors and having an outdoor living space that's all your own. Many people claim that having more privacy is one of the most appealing aspects of homeownership. However, privacy isn't always a given when you live in a single-family residence. You can always put up a privacy fence, but you also have the option of planting a living privacy hedge. Although there are many beautiful deciduous plants that make lovely hedges, evergreens provide year-round privacy. Here are just three of the many evergreens that you can use to create an attractive and functional privacy hedge. 


Bamboo's biggest advantage when it comes to providing privacy is that it's a fast and prolific grower — you can plant it in spring and have a completely private yard by mid-summer. It requires average summer watering, so be sure to give it a good drink when you notice its leaves begin to droop. Pests and disease don't bother bamboo much — the only thing you really have to watch out for is that it spreads very quickly and easily. If you're not careful to keep it contained, bamboo can overtake your entire yard in just a couple of seasons. However, you can circumvent this if you plant the bamboo in large tubs instead of directly into the ground. In colder climates, bamboo may lose some of its leaves when seasonal temperatures plunge below freezing for more than a few days, but the leaves grow back quickly.


Arborvitae trees are those stately, pointed evergreens that usually get about 10 feet tall. Their long tap roots that require little horizontal space, making them ideal for planting close together. Once established, they require very little watering except in drought conditions, and they're virtually pest- and disease-free. Their orderly, upright growth provides a somewhat formal appearance, and since they don't have spreading branches, they're ideal for smaller space. 


Holly is another hardy evergreen that makes an excellent privacy hedge — and as an added bonus, you get bright red berries on the female plants that provide a celebratory accent during the holiday season. Another benefit of planting holly as a hedge is that its thorny leaves help deter curious wildlife and other potential intruders from accessing your yard.

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