Designing Your Dream Yard? How To Find An App To Help You

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Designing Your Dream Yard? How To Find An App To Help You

14 December 2018
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Planning a landscape on paper is one of the best ways to identify what you're seeking from your yard as well as how to work with what you have. But modern homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to getting their thoughts on paper. Landscaping apps offer everything from inspiration to drafting and blueprints. 

So, what should you look for in a landscape app? Here are a few tips.

Know What You're Looking For. Because there are so many options available, you should first understand what you really need from the app. Do you simply want inspiration and ideas? Or are you looking to actually sketch a complete drawing? Are you tech-savvy and can draw reasonably well? Or do you need an app that does much of the work for you? Landscape design apps vary widely in their approach, so knowing your needs helps you whittle them down quicker. 

Talk to Your Landscaper. Let your landscape company know that you're looking for a good design app. He or she may have recommendations of apps or developers from their own experience. They may even offer a similar service on their own platform — either mobile or in the office. 

Experiment Before Buying. Everyone has their favorite apps, but just because one has a good rating doesn't mean it will fit your needs. There are a lot of free versions you can try before shelling out any money. Play with a few highly rated apps before committing to anything. If it's not intuitive for you and easy to pick up, move on to another choice. Spending a lot of time learning an app just to sketch out one design may not be the best use of your time.

Include All Your Features. Once you find a landscape design app that works for you, start by including all your yard's real-life elements. Many people simply start drawing, ending up with a fantastic design that their yard will never be able to accommodate. Instead of working with challenges and limitations after the fact, put them in first. This should include obvious elements like trees, outbuildings, fences, and property lines. But it should also include things like underground utilities, wet or dry spots in the yard, elevation changes, and pet traffic routes. 

No matter what type of design app you work with, it will surely help you translate your ideas and dreams into something that your landscape contractor can make into a reality. And that will get you outside and enjoying yourself faster and easier. Contact a service, like Jim Rillo Landscaping , for more help.