How And Why Tree Branches Are A Real Danger To Your Roof

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How And Why Tree Branches Are A Real Danger To Your Roof

29 June 2017
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One often overlooked danger to your roof comes from the trees. Tree branches hanging close to, or over, your roof come with a high number of potential problems. Here's more on what trees can do to your roof if you're not careful, and what you can do about it.

Tree Branches and Roof Damage

If you have overhanging branches, then you have a number of potential problems.

Roof abrasion - Branches that hang over your roof can gradually brush back and forth on the roof itself. Even if it occurs gently, it will damage your roof over time. The branches will eventually scrape off shingles or abrade your other roofing materials. This can cost costly damage to your roof. It can also ruin the integrity of your roof altogether.

Weather damage – An errant wind can break weakened or diseased branches hanging over your roof, and send them crashing down onto your roof. This can cause mild damage to outright destruction of your roof. If you live in a windy area or a place prone to storms, then the possibility of damage only increases.

Insect infestations – Insects can become both a roof and house problem. Branches hanging over your roof can give all manner of insects a straight path to your home. They can nest in your roof and destroy its integrity over time. They can also infest your home.

Sun blocking – A branch hanging over your roof can prevent the sun from drying up moisture on top of your roof. The shade can help promote the growth of moss and fungus on top of your roof. Moss can severely damage a roof by growing between shingles and forcing them apart.

Leaf damage – Branches can drop leaves on your roof, which can cost a host of problems. Leaves will collect water and break down on your roof. This will create rot and mold that can damage your roof in several ways. Mold can eat at your roof and its supporting structure.

Leaves also attract insects. The combination of a branch over your roof and wet leaves creates an environment insects love. Leaf damage can become the start of damage to the entirety of your home's structure if you're not careful.

Dealing with Overhanging Tree Branches

The best way to deal with overhanging tree branches is to have them trimmed. You shouldn't have any tree branches within six to ten feet of your roof. While it's possible to trim branches on your own, you should hire a professional tree trimming service.

A tree service like Urban Foresters can help with troublesome trees. The service will make sure the branches come off in a proper and safe way. It will all go towards increasing the longevity of your roof, the health of your trees, and the overall safety of your home.