Just Built A Fence? Incorporate Landscaping That Meshes With The Space

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Just Built A Fence? Incorporate Landscaping That Meshes With The Space

28 June 2017
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When you bought your home, it may not have had much going on in the backyard. This may have helped you get an excellent price on the property. It also gave you majority control in determining how you want everything to look and function, so you may have installed a fence in the backyard recently. If the landscaping around the area is still somewhat empty, you will want to start working on filling in the space. It is helpful to hire a landscaping company to incorporate the right landscaping around the new fence.


An excellent addition is a layer of mulch that starts at the fence. This will prevent weeds or other plants from growing next to the fence, which could cause moisture issues if the fence is made of wood. You will also appreciate the defined look that adding mulch around the fence can accomplish. It is possible to get creative with this addition by choosing from a variety of mulches such as straw, wood chips, and leaves. If there is a tree on your property that you would like to remove, you can always have professionals remove it and then run it through a wood chipper to create the chips that you need for the mulching.


After you finish with the mulch, you can incorporate shrubs throughout. This will bring some greenery next to the fence. It is helpful to work with landscapers during this part because you will want to plant certain shrubs based on how much rain and sunlight you can expect the area to receive. It also matters if you have an irrigation system that will water the area when there is not rainfall to feed the shrubs.


If you want to grow a tree or two next to your fence, you want to be careful with the type that you grow. Planting a tree with shallow roots could lead to problems with the fence down the line. So, you will want to focus on trees with deep roots and that do not spread that far from the trunk. Since some residential areas prevent you from building a tall fence, you can grow trees to increase the overall privacy.

After building a fence, you may want to spend more time in your backyard. Hiring a landscaping contractor to work on some of these projects will help you fill out your yard and make it a better place to look at.