2 Creative Ways To Funnel Your Drainage With Your Landscaping

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2 Creative Ways To Funnel Your Drainage With Your Landscaping

28 June 2017
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If you have drainage issues, where water tends to pile up in certain areas around your home, threatening your foundation and killing your grass, here are two creative ways to address these landscaping issues.

#1 Make A Rain Garden

The first thing that you can do is make a rain garden. A rain garden is generally located in a low-lying area of your property where rain natural tends to gather. A rain garden is a good solution if the water piles up, but not right next to your home where it can compromise the foundation.

With a rain garden, you are changing a part of your yard that use to accumulate water and turn to mud into a garden. In this area of your yard, you are going to want to create a stone retaining wall that the water can flow over, and make sure that you set up drainage paths that direct the water to your garden. You may want to use additional soil to create a slope so that water flowers down through your garden.

Within your garden, try to find and use plants that are native to your area that typically have deep root systems. Fill your little rain garden up with plants and flowers that love to drink lots of water. Fill the area around them with pathways of pebbles that will direct the flow of water in your garden.

Turn your mud hole into a well-designed rain garden that is designed to thrive on rain water.

#2 Create A Dry Creek Bed

Second, a great way to channel rain water away from your home and improve your drainage is by creating a dry creek bed that is funneled by your downspout. With a dry creek bed, you are not going to add water yourself to the creek or the small pond at the bottom. Instead, you are going to allow rain to provide the water for the creek bed, so it is only flowing when there is rain water flowing into it.

You'll want to create a base bed of small rocks, and create elevation changes so that the water runs away from your home. Line the dry creek bed with larger rocks on the outside edges to keep everything in place.

At the bottom of the creek bed, you can have a little pond dry well or a rain garden where the water is directed. Be sure to landscape around the pond as well. A dry creek bed can look great when there is not water in it, and can provide important drainage when the water is flowing through your downspouts. 

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