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I'm glad you visited my website on landscaping. My name is Lucia Nash. I have a very busy and exciting garden. The feeder is always active with sparrows. We put a couple hummingbird feeders out and they visit us every summer. There are many types of birds that visit my yard. So many of my friends wonder why my yard is so busy with gorgeous animals, not the destructive kind, but the types that are just a pleasure to have around. The answer to that question is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, so I decided it was better to write blog posts on how to create a great yard.


Creating Perfect Yards

27 June 2017
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If you are trying to create the perfect front yard, then you want to consider things from different angles. You want to make sure your yard looks good, provides you with adequate shade, doesn't look overgrown, offers you fantastic foliage presentation, and more. When it comes to the back yard, you want it to cater to your kids and dogs, offer you great entertaining opportunities, provide you with the option to enjoy a fabulous garden, and more.

This article will help you have a good understanding of the different things you can do to help you end up with the best front and back yard you could ask for.

Make sure the front yard has a good mixture of sun and shade

While you want to have trees in the yard that will offer you shade, it's also important to let plenty of sunshine through. Shade trees should put the shade on a portion of the house that would otherwise take a beating from the sun. This is going to help you to keep the house cooler for less during those hot summertime months. The sunshine is going to help you keep your grass and other plants looking better during the winter when they will already be trying to get sunshine through the extra cloud covering.

Make sure the backyard has a wide-open space

There should be a large center opening of your back yard that allows kids and dogs to run around and play without worrying about trees getting in the way. However, you may also want some nice shade trees near the areas where you plan on visiting and sitting when you have company over and want to enjoy the outdoors. If you plan on having a garden, make sure you keep the trees properly trimmed so the garden gets just enough sunlight to help your garden grow well, but also the proper amount of shade so it doesn't get too much sun, which can be bad.

Stay on top of your trees so they don't get out of control

You want to stay on top of having your trees trimmed regularly so they don't end up getting out of hand before you know it. If they aren't watched carefully, they can cause all kinds of problems. They can even end up getting tangled up in electrical wires or causing damage to your roof. If you have trees removed from your yard, you want to make sure you also have the stump removed so it doesn't interfere with your landscaping in the future.