Building A Pool? Plant Trees That Will Not Become A Future Problem

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Building A Pool? Plant Trees That Will Not Become A Future Problem

27 June 2017
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Owning a property with an enormous backyard gives you a lot of potential when it comes to backyard projects. It is possible to build a patio, deck, gazebo, garden, or even a pool. If you live in a climate that works well with having a pool, you may be figuring out what you need to do in addition to building. It will be necessary to change the landscape in a noticeable way to make room for the pool building. You may also want to combine the pool with trees that look great and will not lead to problems in the future.

Minimal Droppings

An excellent quality to look for in a tree is minimal droppings. You do not want branches, flowers, leaves, and seeds all dropping into the pool when you are trying to enjoy a relaxing time on a floatie. It can also be an issue when you head out to the pool with the intention to jump in almost immediately, only to find that the pool is covered in tree debris that you must clean up before you can get in the water and relax.


Another factor that you should consider with tree planting is the level of invasiveness. You do not want a tree that is going to spread its roots far as it could lead to them reaching the pool area. The concrete may be fine for a time, but it is possible for the roots to win in the long run and cause cracking issues. When water is allowed to escape the pool area by getting through cracks caused by tree roots, you may have an issue that will only get worse and could go unnoticed for a long time to make it into a costly problem.


One of the best qualities that you want in a tree that you plant by a pool is narrowness. For instance, the Forever Goldie is known to only grow about three feet wide, which is perfect for your situation. This means you can plant the tree close enough to the pool that you can enjoy some visual appeal without having to worry about the branches extending far enough to create too much shade or demand lots of pool cleaning.

Each climate is going to have a unique set of trees that are perfect for growing next to a pool. Working with tree service professionals will help you find and plant trees that fit with your needs. Work with a tree trimming company to help you keep your yard clear for your needs.