Starting A New Flower Garden? Drip Irrigation Saves Water And Improves The Health Of Your Flowers

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Starting A New Flower Garden? Drip Irrigation Saves Water And Improves The Health Of Your Flowers

19 June 2017
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In the world of agriculture, modern drip irrigation systems are a relatively recent invention. They were invented to allow farmers to use much less water when watering their crops, as drip irrigation minimizes water loss due to evaporation and the effects of wind. However, landscapers and flower gardeners are realizing that drip irrigation has benefits that go far beyond saving money on your water bill; not only is drip irrigation easy to set up, but it's hands-off once you do since it is controlled by a timer. It also improves the health of your flowers compared to conventional overhead sprinkler systems and is much easier to incorporate into your landscaping plan due to its ability to be hidden easily.

Saves Both Time And Water

Drip irrigation systems water your flowers by allowing small amounts of water to slowly drip into the soil over time. This prevents water loss due to evaporation, since water is not sitting on top of the soil for an extended period of time. Rather, it is absorbed immediately into the soil and is protected from the sun. In addition, drip irrigation systems also prevent water loss from high winds, which will blow water from overhead irrigation systems away from your flowers. These two factors combined allow drip irrigation systems to use much less water than conventional methods of irrigation, which will save you money on your water bill. It's also a popular technique to connect the irrigation system to a rain barrel, making water free to use. Using less water lowers your bill, but it's also great for the environment, especially if you are landscaping in a drought-prone area.

Waters The Soil, Not The Leaves

Water flowing directly into the soil without making contact with the leaves of your flowers is better for the health of your plants, as well. Water on the leaves does nothing useful for your flowers; instead, it acts as a powerful attractant for insects or other vermin who want to lick the water off of the leaves. In addition, water can accelerate the growth of fungus on the leaves and make your flowers more susceptible to disease. Watering your flowers with a drip irrigation system helps to prevent pests and disease, which makes gardening easier and gives you better results.

Shows Off Your Flowers, Not Your Sprinklers

Since drip irrigation consists only of a hose that runs close to the ground along with low-visibility nozzles, it's an attractive option for landscaping. By matching the color of the hose to the soil and using dark-colored nozzles, you can make your irrigation system nearly invisible. This ensures that people will focus on your flowers and not your irrigation system, which can be difficult to achieve with overhead irrigation systems that must be placed higher above the ground and in more conspicuous locations.

Drip irrigation systems are an inexpensive way to provide water for your plants exactly where they need it; compared to conventional sprinkler systems, they save water, are easier to install and are less visible. If you are thinking of starting a backyard flower garden or a new landscaping project, contacting a drip irrigation service company who specializes in selling kits and helping you set up a drip irrigation system should definitely be a consideration.

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