Design A Beautiful, Multi-Use Backyard

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Design A Beautiful, Multi-Use Backyard

19 June 2017
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The boon to having a backyard is using it. You can send the kids out to play, host barbecues, or just lounge in the sun. Your landscaping should facilitate these multiple uses while still complementing your house. Design a multi-use backyard with beautiful landscaping as accenting.

Central Lawn

The foundation of your multi-use backyard is the lawn. Your backyard should feature an expanse of lawn wide enough for playing and entertaining on. What's more, it needs to stand up to the rigors of foot traffic. According to the Landscaping Network, hybrid Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, Zoysia grass, and seashore paspalum are the hardiest grasses for foot traffic.

If you're having your lawn installed from scratch, hydroseeding is a good option. With hydroseeding, contractors mix a slurry of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, and a bonding agent. They spray this onto the ground. Not only is this method of seeding cost-effective, it offers quick germination, better adaptability, good moisture retention, and great disease resistance.


Shade is an important consideration for comfort. If you don't already have shade trees, consider planting one or two in areas where you and your family want to lounge. Northern red oak, freeman maple, tulip tree, and Eastern white pine are fast growers that will provide shade relatively quickly.

Another option is planting a pretty shrub. Hydrangea, rhododendron, serviceberry, and bottlebrush buckeye are ideal for creating a shady spot in your backyard.

Planting Beds

The real beauty comes in how you design your planting beds. Indeed, the first consideration is where you'll place them. Perimeter gardens are quite common, as are ones at the foundation of the house. Both of these places offer beauty without impeding your enjoyment of your lawn.

If you're planting a shade tree or shrub, consider adding landscaping around it. Naturally, you'll want to choose shade-loving plants such as hosta, English ivy, foam flower, and lily of the valley. In fact, you could turn your shade garden into a cozy nook by adding comfortable seating.

Another option is creating a garden focal point, especially if you have a large backyard. For this idea, consider transforming one of your planting beds into a mini garden. Choose a space that's clearly visible from multiple points in the yard. Start with a centerpiece, either an architectural plant or a garden accent piece. Add pretty flowers around the centerpiece. Finally, fill in any gaps with ground cover plants.

Make over your backyard with hardy grass, shade, and pretty planting beds for a beautiful, multi-use space with a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc.