3 Great Ways To Use Paving Stones In Your Yard

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3 Great Ways To Use Paving Stones In Your Yard

16 June 2017
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Creating a tranquil and attractive landscape is a top priority for many homeowners today. Having access to the right landscaping materials is beneficial when it comes to creating the outdoor living area you have been dreaming of, and paving stones can prove to be a valuable asset in your landscape design.

Here are three great ways that you can use paving stones in your yard to create an interesting and creative landscape design in the future.

1. Create an abstract design.

Paving stones can be used to create an abstract design that will serve as a piece of art in your landscape design. By placing paving stones throughout a grassy area at regular intervals, you can easily create a geometric design that will capture the attention of your friends and family members.

Be sure to leave enough space between each paving stone for grass to grow through so that your design is completed by the bold lines created by the growing grass.

2. Create a patrol path for your dog.

Dogs can serve as loyal members of the family, but they can also wreak havoc on your home's landscape. If you find that your dog patrols your home's perimeter as a protective measure, he or she could be wearing an unsightly path in the grass near your fence.

To prevent this path from becoming an eyesore, try emphasizing it with some attractive paving stones. The paving stones will give your dog's patrol path some substance and help to prevent his or her route from turning into bare dirt.

3. Separate designated living areas.

Paving stones can be used to help you create visual separation between the living areas within your home's landscape. You can create an outdoor living room, enhance your pool area, and even create a designated fire pit by adding paving stones to these areas.

The paving stones act as a type of area rug that helps to define the individual living areas within your home's landscape design, making your yard more functional in the future.

Once you are able to see some of the simple and creative ways that you can use paving stones in your home's landscape design, it's easy to see why these paving stones should be a staple when it comes to your landscaping activities in the future. Use paving stones to help you create art, outline a patrol path for your dog, and separate designated living areas to improve your yard's aesthetic.

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