3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lawn In The Dry Summer Heat

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3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lawn In The Dry Summer Heat

15 June 2017
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During the dog days of summer, your property's grass undergoes a lot of stress from the intense rays of the sun and lack of moisture. If you want to reduce your lawn's stress and keep it lush and green, use the following tips for taking care of your lawn in the dry summer heat.

Avoid Cutting the Grass Too Short

Because of the hot weather, you may be tempted to cut the grass at a low height so you do not have to mow as often. However, cutting the grass too short could severely damage your lawn.

When the blades of grass are too short, it is unable to hold as much water. As a result, the grass dries out quicker, turning brown when the heat of the sun bakes it. 

To keep your grass from drying out and dying, adjust your mower's height to the maximum. You may have to cut more often, but doing so reduces the stress on your grass.

Only Water in the Morning

When the forecast calls for sunny days with little chance of rain, you will need to water your lawn to keep it moist. However, the timing of the watering is crucial to your lawn's survival.

If you water the lawn in the afternoon, the moisture will be evaporated by the sun as fast as it hits the blades of grass. And, if you water your lawn at night, the moisture could cause fungus and mold to grow, as well as attract grubs.

When you must water your lawn in the summer, do so early in the morning. The grass will have a chance to absorb the water before the sun hits it, and it will be dry in time to keep from attracting undesirable growth and pests.

Refrain from Feeding Your Lawn

If your lawn is turning brown, you may decide you need to fertilize it to make it green again. However, this could do more harm than good.

When you feed stressed grass in the dry summer heat, the fertilizer can burn the blades, creating more damage. Instead, make sure you fertilize in the spring and early summer before it gets too hot.

Then, fertilize again in fall when the weather turns cooler and the grass needs extra food to prepare for winter.

Using the above tips can help you protect your lawn and help it survive during the dry, hot days of summer. However, if you feel your lawn needs extra attention, you may want to contact a lawn care service to discuss your options for having them take care of your lawn for you.

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